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Ram Electric started in The Denver - Boulder Area in 1989 by Rick Markwardt.

Since then, Rick has worked hard to grow the business into a full-service electrical and contracting company with a highly skilled installation team and experienced staff to make sure all your specific needs are met. The customer is the key to any business, and we need to make sure that our customers are taken care of. If we take care of the customers, the rest is easy.

Here are three important pillars of our business:

• Do what you said you would do.

• Do it when you said you would do it.

• Do it for the price you said you would do it for.

Exceeding expectations is our goal. We strive to provide accurate, cost-effective solutions for our customers’ electrical requirements. Ram Electric can provide constant contact to ensure that our customers’ needs are addressed. All of our workmanship is fully warranted and our materials are covered by full manufacturer’s warranties.

On the personal side:

When Rick is not working on a project, he enjoys the company of his wife and family. Rick has been married to Collette for 38 years, and together they have raised two wonderful adults that they are very proud of. (You will find their links on the reference page.) They are both married and have given Rick and Collette the gift of a wonderful son- and daughter-in-law, resulting in the even greater gift of three granddaughters.
Rick enjoys his family’s company, as well as camping, boating, fishing, and just plain having fun.
As Rick says, “I came to Colorado for a summer vacation, and I am still on it!”


Christina S. 

December 7, 2016 · 

RAM Electric worked on our bathrooms through a contractor and were the best subcontractors on the job. They did great work and had perfect attention to detail when hanging two pendant lights.

I hired RAM Electric multiple times for various projects big and small, from replacing a single light fixture to completely re-wiring a bathroom during remodel. Rick and his team are very professional, punctual, friendly and helpful folks. As far as pricing is concerned, Rick's rates are competitive and I never got charged anything but actual performed labor at my house plus material cost. I don't even ask Rick for a quote anymore when I request service from RAM Electric since I know I can trust his billing. Would recommend RAM Electric to anyone.

Helena J.

November 27, 2015 · 

I had some electricity problem at home and now are all fixed. They are very nice and caring people with lots of patience and perseverance. I always knew in advance what I needed to pay and it was reasonable. I will not hesitate to call Ram Electric again.

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